Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen

seagrove park day after christmas

See you later, 2013. You were kind of difficult, really challenging, and thusly quite inspiring. For out of great struggles comes great grief, and finally great acceptance of things you can not do a damn thing about. That is pretty much what 2013 felt like for me. Not every day, but often enough that it was a theme. Still, we carried on.

(cue FUN.)

As we let our anticipation and hearts drift towards 2014, we’re pretty f’ing pumped. Not because we think the turning of a calendar page changes anything. Really, it’s just because I have good feelings about unknown things. Pushing back on fear, leaning on people, celebrating this life.

With 2014 will come a lot new. I’ll be starting a podcast with a kick ass friend after the first of the year. We will be moving again as a family in 2014. (More on that after all my extended family finds out about it.) We hope to get me knocked up again. (I know, I know. FINALLY.) Our little dude will start pre-K in the fall, and we’ll very likely be having a white holiday. (SPOILER ALERT!) Gosh, I’m terrible at secrets. So you better be better at secrets since I just spilled a major point there.

I have intentions up the wazoo. I’m not going to write a whole post about them, that’s not really my style. I have intentions of writing more, podcasting, making a successful batch of chia pudding, make more friends, host soirées, travel to friends we haven’t even had face time with yet (yeah, probably you) and really bust out a song or two on the guitar. What about you? What are your intentions? Share them. Make them real.

As I think about tonight, I am so happy we have the tradition of fondue at home for New Year’s Eve. We don’t go anywhere, we sip champagne for hours and hours. We dip everything we can in sultry cheese. There is music playing, board games, the smell of freshly baked vegan chocolate bundt cake, and all the love we have blanketing this life we share among the three of us.

Credit for this photograph is to our lifer-photog, Deann B.

Credit for this photograph is to our lifer-photog, Deann B.

Be kind and brave in this new year and always, friends. 


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