Food Wednesday: It’s All Good

Oh hello, Wednesday. Wednesday snuck up on me. We can blame Abe Lincoln. (Let’s not talk about how horrible I am at “series” in this here blog. Let’s. Just. Not.)

So yes, it’s Wednesday. And on Wednesdays, I try to talk about food here. When I sat down, I knew exactly what I wanted to share: Cookbooks. Half the free world is obsessed with food blogs and cookbooks. We are a nation united in food enthusiasm. (Unless you’re just being contrary and a grump, but in that case, you’re likely not reading this blog now are you?) (Was that too snarky? I’ve had a glass of wine.)

Cookbooks! I buy too many of them, way too many of them. I finally started to buy some of them used. FINALLY. After years and years of being a big dope and paying full price. Now, sure, there are still favorites and bloggers for whom I rush out and buy the dang thing on the immediate. Like I did with “Pancakes“. Because, pancakes. Because, I adore that girl. But that’s not even the cookbook I’m blogging about today. Though, maybe I’ll come back to that. I mean, everyone loves pancakes.

About a year ago—or maybe less—I heard that Gwyneth Paltrow had a cookbook. Something about her father. Blah, blah, blah. I didn’t care. Honestly, I never got over her break-up with Brad Pitt years ago. Really. In my mind (no idea if it’s true) she broke that man’s heart into a million pieces. Guys, that was 1997. I apparently hold a celebrity grudge like nothing else. Fast forward to the now and she’s married to Coldplay’s front dude. Chris Martin is a dream boat of adorableness. So, I get over the Brad Pitt thing a little. A little every year.

It's All Good

Then I get this brilliant idea to grab two copies of Gwyneth’s cookbooks for my mom and I so we could “go through them together” as a mother’s day gift last year (but from afar, because we live on opposite sides of the country). I grab “It’s All Good” because the father one seemed a little weird for a mother’s day gift.  Let me tell you what, we love every dang recipe we’ve made. And we’ve made A LOT of them. We can’t stop making them, either. Gwenny is all up in our weekly rotation. Lentils with Mustard + Tomatoes? Oh yes. Creamy Parsley Dressing on everything? Yup. Veggie Dumplings? Just impressed my mother-in-law with those on her most recent visit to us. Fish Fingers? The three of us fight over them EVERY TIME. And we make those fish fingers at least once a month. There are probably seven salads with their accompanying dressings that I’ve made. Of all those delicious dressings, we can’t stop making the Mexican Green Goddess Dressing. She’s also got a sweets section that won’t make you feel like you dumped a bunch of crap in your body. So many amazingly simple and delightful recipes. So happy I got over the 1997 heartbreak and broke down to grab a copy of this cookbook. You’ll be happy if you do the same. It’s just “ALL GOOD” like she says.

Loosely related: I got up to refresh my wine this evening, and this guy took my seat. Typical.

julien caught in the act

Tell me, what’s new or not so new on your shelf? What book can you not seem to quit? Share. Tell me everything.


7 thoughts on “Food Wednesday: It’s All Good

    • Something I didn’t even mention in the post, it’s both vegan and carnivore. That’s how we eat, and that was refreshing to find in this cookbook. Also, her point of view and voice is pretty great. Add it!

      • Yup. That’s exactly it. Which is basically how we eat. We eat mostly plants with pockets of meat every few days or so. Oh, and fish. She’s got a great fish section.

        I realize now that it’s not that clear of a statement “both vegan and carnivore.” Oxymoronic, too. ;)

      • Heh. But it works!

        One of my kitchen goals for this year is to “learn how to cook fish” because this Midwestern girl doesn’t venture much further than broiled salmon. That’s a fail for this foodie.

  1. I’ve been back and forth about that cookbook and I’m glad to hear you love it! I like her approach to food, but I wasn’t sure if it would be for me. I made her Lalo cookies from My Father’s Daughter and they were fantastic and gluten free. I love Pancakes! So many good recipes!

    • I keep meaning to pick up MFD, and just haven’t. I really should. We can’t keep our faces out of this book. We love everything about her approach (nicely put). Thanks for popping by!

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